Final Days in Kathmandu, Nepal

After leaving Dhulikhel, we returned to Kathmandu for our last few days in Nepal. We spent our time exploring more of the city, doing some shopping, getting laundry done, eating pizza, and enjoying heat and hot water. There was a bathtub in our hotel and hot water, which we took advantage of even though the water was a dirty, brown color before we ever set foot in it. We even met up with our new friends from Germany who were also in Kathmandu for a few nights. Apparently none of us were ready to give up the nightly ritual of meeting for dinner and discussing the day. Kathmandu was a nice stop that let us regroup and get things in order for our time in Ghana and allowed us to relax over a few more dinners with new friends.

On one of our last nights, we found a little restaurant where we had our last momos and drank Tibetan tongba beer. Tongba beer is served in a large bamboo cup within a plastic tub. The cup is filled with fermented millet and hot water. The drink comes with a plastic straw that is closed at the bottom, but has many smaller holes that let in the liquid and keep out the grains of millet. The taste is somewhat sour and a bit yeasty. I thought it tasted like saki and was quite warming.

I could see why people spend months in Nepal. We barely scratched the surface in a month. It was definitely not long enough and I think we would all like to see it again someday… preferably when it’s a bit warmer!

Street view in Kathmandu.

Ty with a small statue of Buddha that dates back to the 8th century.

Shrine where coins are nailed into a piece of wood as an offering to relieve dental pain.

RJ enjoying chasing pigeons in Janabaha Square.

3 thoughts on “Final Days in Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. The colors are always great.Do the colored streamers have some special meaning as they hang over the city?Do you have the recipe for moms? you speak of them often and seem to enjoy them .Again a wonderful blog.Love ,Gram


    1. There are colored streamers and prayer flags hanging all over Kathmandu. No significance to colors that I know of, just really pretty. I do have a recipe for momos and definitely will be making them when we get home! Love you Gram!


  2. You’ve crossed some threshold. You left on your journey with two kids and now you Ray are journeying with two men. You can see the fresh-faced innocence in the first photos has been replaced by a new look of experience. It’s quite dramatic and remarkable.

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