Ty’s Vlogs – Kuala Lumpur

Our wifi has been pretty terrible on the last couple stops. But, now that we are in Hanoi, we are flying through the uploads. Here is another, long-awaited vlog from Ty!

4 thoughts on “Ty’s Vlogs – Kuala Lumpur

  1. So many monkeys! You hear stories but you can’t really tell until you see video like that. Did you feed them any fruit? I’d be concerned they’d steal my lunch. 😱 Also those red bellied squirrels were crazy looking and what kind of animal was that furry thing on the tight rope that hung by its tail? It wasn’t a lemur or a sloth. I’ve never seen anything like it! Thanks for the excellent post! ☺


  2. We did not feed the monkeys. There are signs everywhere warning against it and some are rabid. They also are known to steal food and other items from tourists – cameras, glasses, etc. They were fun to watch though.

    The animal is a binturong or bearcat.


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