The Short Report by Ray Dailey

Things I have seen and heard in Malaysia:

The monkeys are awesome and want to be your friends but you can’t play with them. They might steal your glasses or they might bite you and then you might have rabies and then that’s a trip to the hospital for 17 anti-rabies shots to the stomach.

Warning… In other countries they do not speak fluent American. I was eating and showed the owner that his restaurant was listed as the place to eat in our tour book. I could tell he was impressed that I showed him this. So when he came back he said our meals were free! As I got up to go I learned that what he really said was “are you finished” and I was escorted back to the cash register. He seemed less pleased with me…

My Haiku about Bathrooms in the Malaysian Bus Terminal

The need to push out
Sit or squat are my choices
only hose to clean

2 thoughts on “The Short Report by Ray Dailey

  1. The “hose” is way to go anyway. It is the standard in all of Southeast Asia. There clean and green. I put them in my house.


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