Day 2 – Fairfield, CA (Travis Air Force Base)

Made it to Travis AFB after another long road trip day. The good news is that we are all checked in at passenger terminal and we found a room on base. The bad news is that the number of seats has changed from 65 tentative to TBD (to be determined), which we heard may be as low as 10. The worst news is that we have to get up at 0300 (3:00 a.m. to all you civilians out there) and walk a mile to the terminal, fully packed, to see if we can get 4 of those 10 seats. There is no other way around it. But, at least if we miss the flight tomorrow, we will have a room to come back to. There are also 3 more flights to Hawaii and Guam on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Other impressions on the day:

Lisa – Mt. Shasta is really big, and Lake Shasta is really low. The fires continued today and all views were hazy. If this trend continues, there will be nothing left of northern California.

RJ – I really like playing the Alphabet game with my family and finding the words on signs and trucks along the way.

Tyler – Some people really enjoy driving five hours in the middle of nowhere….

Ray – Mt. Shasta in all its splendor.

Mt. Shasta
Boys and Mt. Shasta

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